Call Divine

The CALL DIVINE begins its career on an auspicious day, 1st September, on which day Sri Ramana set foot on the soil of Arunachala. May it function as an avenue for the decent of grace of Bhagavan! May its course be smooth and its waters slake the thirst of truth-seekers everywhere.”

Thus did the editors, Swami Rajeswarananda and Swami Chinmayananda, begin their undertaking of the CALL DIVINE, a monthly magazine, in 1952.

From Bombay many sincere seekers heard the call of Bhagavan and Arunachala and traveled to Sri Ramanasramam to secure the glance of grace emanating from the lustrous eyes of the Master. As early as 1923, Sri Ramana Satchitananda Mandali of Bombay had been conducting celebrations, poor feeding, and publishing books, inspired by the Silent Sage of Arunachala. The CALL DIVINE was only a continuation of its natural expression of devotion to the Master. It enlisted not only two eminent editors but also a long list of senior scholarly devotees to form the Advisory Board. The magazine appeared to have universal support throughout its twenty-four years of existence.

It happen to co-exist as a publication with the Mountain Path for ten years, after which time the CALL DIVINE supporters decided that the message of the Maharshi would be best served by collectively channeling their support to the Ashram’s own magazine. By this time, the Mountain Path had established itself as a leading voice of authentic spirituality around the world.

Paging through the issues of the Call Divine we frequently discover brilliant gems, glittering with the sublime light of Sri Ramana’s presence. 

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