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1Brahma- JnanaIyer T R PXVII12605
2Concept of Man i n the Great Religion (The)-symposiumIndra Sen DrIV5226
3DeathIyer T R PXVII5151
4Gayatri and BrahmajnanaIyer T R PXVIII9500
5Gita EducationIyer T R PXVIII6327
6Glory and Goal of Life (The) - VIndra Sen DrV9435
7GodIyer T R PXVII12606
8How can an Individual Help........symposiumInderjit SharmaIX5223
9How can an Individual Help........symposiumIswarananda Swami, RishikeshIX5335
10How can an Individual Help........symposiumIswarananda Swami, TrichurIX5328
11How to find the Peace of Mind-symposiumInderjit SharmaX5295
12How to make the best of life-symposiumInderjit SharmaXII5278
13In Search of BlissIyer T R PXVIII6326
14Karma (Morality)Iyer T R PXVII12607
15Life's Present TenseIan Fearn LX9514
16Need of Spirituality in Practical LifeInderjit SharmaX7428
17Pathways to Perfection (The) - VIIndra Sen DrII5176
18Ramana ArunachalaIndian Express - 7.5.1950III5261
19Religion and PsychologyIyer T R PXVIII243
20Revelation or Scientific ReligionIyer T R PXVII10546
21Rishabhadeva and his Gospel of AhimsaIyer S VX383
22Rudolf SteinerIvan Bemmelen DXVII9477
23Sainthood and SeerhoodIndra Sen DrV6328
24Spiritual Foundations of Culture and Civilization-symposiumInderjit SharmaVIII5304
25Swami Dayananda Saraswati's Contribution to Spiritual Revival in India : "Prophets And Poets"symposiumInderjit SharmaXVI5300